Transition or Handover Claims Management

Belvedere Mead’s Transition Claims Management service is designed to assist an organisation dealing with a sudden or an unexpected departure of a senior member of their claims team.  Departures can demotivate team members, increasing staff turnover and leading to a negative impact on the claims service. Embedded corporate knowledge is also in danger of walking out the door as the employee leaves.  A less obvious, but important  consideration during the transition period is the impact on of the loss of the voice of claims at the executive table.

If time allows our managerial team will work with the outgoing employee to ensure that there is a full and comprehensive handover of all aspects of their role to the incoming manager, covering not only specific caseloads but all internal and external responsibilities, in addition to providing support to the existing claims team. When the loss is sudden, our senior staff can immediately step into the position to support and ease the pressure on the team.

The resultant benefits to your organisation are that there will be no loss of knowledge, no delay on business critical projects, and no reduction in team morale resulting in lower staff turnover. Together, these benefits will ensure that service levels can be maintained for your client base.