Are your claims resources strained?

If so, perhaps we can help!

Belvedere Mead is an insurance management consultancy offering a varied and innovative range of claims and operational services to insurers, MGAs, reinsurers, brokers and service provider clients.

In addition to supporting clients operating in the UK and global general insurance markets, we have specialist knowledge of the complex and speciality insurances written in the Lloyd’s and London Insurance Marketplace and can also support those looking to operate in that market.

Every insurance and reinsurance company understands the importance of ensuring that its claims management function is pro-active and efficient but often resources are finite.

Customer service is key, but so often unforeseen events create such a strain on those resources that the claims service being offered suffers. Internal, inefficient administration processes can often compound the problem.


Elaine Mason

Belvedere Mead was founded from my belief that all insurers and insurance companies need access to senior claims management experience and support on a flexible and bespoke basis without increasing fixed costs or headcount.

Established in 2010, Belvedere Mead has grown to be a trusted partner and undertakes a variety of claims and operational functions for our clients, ranging from handling and processing their claims to quality assurance and reserve adequacy  reviews. We have collected significant reinsurance monies for our clients and assisted them when an FCA visit seems imminent. The services are underpinned by a wealth of personal experience from new start-ups to monitoring and supporting large claims departments, service providers and audit projects, together with technical expertise across major insurance classes in the UK and worldwide.


Belvedere Mead really understands what good, and not so good, looks like in the claims sector.