Reinsurance Support

Belvedere Mead’s team has extensive reinsurance and retrocession experience. We are able to adjust an assumed book of reinsurance claims on proportional or Excess of Loss Treaties or facultative contracts.

Our knowledge of the London, European and Bermudan Markets also means we are able to assist in collections on your ceded program, from ensuring collections are identified and advised through to ensuring the cash is collected.  If your finance department has written off the unpaid recoveries, our collection of those amounts will result in an improvement to the bottom line result.

Our most significant contract on reinsurance collectables was for an international entity who were struggling to get their London brokers to prioritise their collections. Our appointment provided the project focus and resulted in $10s of millions of “stuck” US$ collections being recovered for our client who, due to statutory requirements regarding unpaid debt, had written it down in their financial accounts.