Mediation & Arbitration Services

Not all insurance claims reach an amicable resolution. Whilst many claims do proceed to litigation, the courts actively encourage parties to engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) processes such as arbitration or mediation. Failure to engage in meaningful early negotiations can result in the courts, using their wide discretion, issuing a loser costs order, meaning the winning party’s costs are not recovered as expected. If you are involved in a dispute and would like some advice regarding mediation, then please contact Elaine, who will be happy to share experiences, on an active or review basis.

Are you a solicitor providing legal services to claims handlers?  Would you like a senior market practitioner to review a contentious issue on an independent basis?  If so then please get in touch.

Our senior staff have extensive experience in managing cases in litigation and arbitration, by active participation in several hearings, including giving witness testimony by either deposition or in person during the hearings.

Elaine is a Panel Member of ARIAS UK and is available to act as an arbitrator. Her experience and knowledge of the Lloyd’s and London Insurance markets also makes her an ideal candidate to provide expert testimony.