Graham Good

Areas of Expertise: Accident & Health, including travel and Bancassurance products.

As a Senior Claims Manager, Graham’s career has spanned nearly 40 years in the Accident & Health claims markets.  The experience is broad in nature and covers the A&H business class in the broadest sense with Graham having technical experience in high value Personal Accident & Sickness covers, Permanent Heath Insurance, Medical/Major Medical/ Dental plans, Life Assurance and the composite covers provided by travel insurance products.

In addition to his technical expertise Graham has been substantially involved in the implementation of organisational change, both in process and location, developing key control systems, both regulatory and businesswise. Graham’s responsibilities have incorporated 18 European countries with staff responsibility for a significant number of claim handlers. More recently Graham has also been involved with business in the emerging markets in Asia.

Graham has developed process and key control systems to ensure efficiency of process and minimise organisation risks such as fraud; Areas that are essential in the low cost/high volume claims environment where attempted fraud can be high and loss adjustment costs must be minimised.

With relationships with many well-known business partners, Graham has also had responsibility for ensuring high service standards for clients, encompassing the control and audit of third party service providers, in addition to undertaking internal peer reviews.

Graham has also taken an active role in developing staff with generic training modules and one on one mentoring for those golden 10%ers.