Claims Business Analyst for IT projects

How many times has an IT manager heard the complaint that the claims system and process is not as good as it should be? How many times have you, as claims manager, had difficulty persuading your excellent team of claim adjusters to participate in the development and testing of new IT-driven system reviews?

In such circumstances organisations can benefit by utilising Elaine’s extensive knowledge and detailed approach to system improvement and efficiencies. She can be the link between your practitioners and the IT developers, creating an environment where your claims staff receive the ultimate product positively, which will drive efficiencies forward and ultimately reduce your overheads.

In addition to Elaine’s capabilities, Belvedere Mead has operated in the London Market for over 10 years and our employees are able to utilise their experience of a wide range of IT implementation projects and systems which enables them to provide UAT testing support on individual projects.