Why Belvedere Mead?

Belvedere Mead was founded by Elaine Mason, who has worked with a passion for claims in the London Market since 1982. Ensuring the right outcome of the claim – be it settlement or repudiation – is crucial but so, too, is ensuring that the claims process is as efficient as possible, as well as developing less experienced staff to their full potential.

Elaine knows only too well from her 30 years of experience that unexpected and unplanned events can disrupt the claims organisation of insurance and reinsurance companies, increasing  their exposure to a variety of risks. From increased regulatory attention through to loss of business due to customer dissatisfaction,  and from staff turnover through to increased claims litigation, each event has serious consequences not only affecting the total cost and quality of the claims function but with potentially catastrophic effects on the company or syndicate.

Elaine has a wealth of experience covering a diverse range of insurance and reinsurance business classes. She combines superior technical claims management with a keen understanding of the operational side of claims management.

By providing flexible claims management resource to Lloyd’s of London syndicates and the London Market, when and where it is needed, Belvedere Mead can assist your organisation to maintain an even keel as the waters around become troubled.