VERTICAL RUSH 2014 – Raising funds for Shelter

The Belvedere Mead Stars are our terrific team who have risen to the challenge of running (or walking if needs be) to the top of Tower  42.  For those of you who do not know what Tower 42 is then you may be impressed to know that for over 30 years it was the City of London’s tallest building, known to many as the Nat West Tower as it was built for one of our leading banks at that time and was actually designed in the shape of the bank’s logo. Our valiant team will race up its 42 floors ascending the 902 steps on the 4th of March.

Our team is led by our very own Sarah Spring and she is joined by representatives of some of our business partners being:
Steve Myhre W R Berkley Insurance (Europe)

Andrew YatesLiberty Group

Ian BeckettNovae Group

James CavellBarbican Insurance


So glad that the chaps were keen to ensure Sarah didn’t need to run up all those stairs on her own.

Please give generously to support the work that Shelter do to help those who are homeless or have housing problems – There are so many unexpected circumstances, such as redundancy or illness, that can lead to the loss of one’s home.

Please donate via the Justgiving Website – Link here textgiving

If you are one of the modern day individuals that uses your mobile phone for everything then use Just Text Giving Service

If you would like to donate by cash or cheque then please contact us for information on how to do this.

This is Belvedere Mead’s first venture into raising money for a charitable cause so your donation and the efforts of our terrific team members taking up the challenge of those steps, all 902 of them, will make this a success to remember.


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