Transition or Handover Claims Management

A senior manager leaving can create uncertainties within a team and demotivate the remaining staff if not handled properly, leading to poorer service. Whether the organisation decides to recruit internally or externally, Elaine is available to provide support and guidance to ensure there is a smooth handover from former to new employee, covering claim case load and internal responsibilities. As a result, there will be no loss of knowledge, no delay in critical business projects and the risks of staff turnover are minimised.

The Transition Claims Management provision has been designed to assist an organisation when they have an unexpected loss of a senior member of their claims team. Not only can such a loss, if not handled appropriately cause demotivation amongst other team members with associated loss of service, it can mean the loss of the voice of claims at the executive table. Embedded corporate knowledge is also in danger of walking out the door as the employee leaves.

However an organisation recruits, it is often the case that a direct handover from old employee to new does not occur.  Elaine Mason will provide support and guidance to the organisation to ensure that there is a smooth transition from old to new employee. 

Elaine will work with the leaving employee to ensure that there is a full and comprehensive handover of all aspects of the role, covering not only specific caseloads but all internal and external responsibilities.

This will allow Elaine to support the remaining team and continue to provide the claims voice on those crucial matters as they develop during the period.  As a concluding part of the service, Elaine will provide a full and comprehensive handover to the new employee.